Domestic goddess with badass personal style who also happens to have a degree in residential construction management.



Wanna get inspired and learn how to create your own unique spaces? 

A design and thrift geek since childhood, I love transforming spaces by combining DIY projects with pro help, and mixing vintage finds with new elements. My creations are full of color + texture, and inspired by art, travel, and collaboration. Combining my technical construction background with a natural talent for design, I turn project daydreams into functional reality.


Do you want to learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals at home (even if you've never cooked before)? 

I grew up in the Midwest, which explains my love for sauce and cheese-covered comfort food.  These days, my meals are primarily vegetarian and my cooking is (mostly) healthy but hearty. I love cooking for others, experiencing new restaurants, and tweaking recipes to delicious perfection at home. I believe that everyone can (and should!) learn to cook, and I want to inspire you to cook-it-yourself, even if you've never boiled a pot of water.


Are you ready to create your healthiest, wealthiest, happiest life? 

In recent years, my interests in self-improvement and wellness have transformed my life, and become a core component of my happiness. I believe in practicing mindfulness, and attracting amazing experiences and people into my life. Whether I'm exploring my current hometown of DC, collaborating with other creative entrepreneurs, or traveling the world, I'm all about sharing my life (past and present) to inspire you to manifest your best life, too.

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